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Home FAQs
How does the 5 Day Sale work?

In essence, this is a modified auction under the 5 Day Sale approach (How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days, Third Edition, Bill Effros, Workman Publishing, New York) wherein property owners auction off their properties themselves.


How does my "best-bidder" discount coupon work?

Pending your online registration, you may be offered certain periodic promotions by the property sellers to encourage potential buyer/bidder participation and feedback. 

Here is what is currently being offered by the sellers for this particular auction:

Register today for the upcoming 5 Day Sale Auction
of this Cherry Creek home and receive a
"Best Bidder" gift certificate for the new home furnishings (see virtual tour) staged in this property!

In such cases, a certificate will be emailed to those responding to the “periodic” promotions and they will be given “Best-bidder” discount coupon that can be redeemed when – and if – the named recipient of the “Best-bidder” discount coupon is awarded the sale after the “Round Robin” bidding session, the property is put under contract, and the "best bidder" closes on the property.

What if the property doesn't appraise?

Once the 5 Day Sale Auction is concluded and a “Best Bidder” is awarded the sale, the real estate transaction is put under contract in accordance with all applicable state real estate laws in the state the property is domiciled in.

At that point, the transaction is handled as is any normal real estate sale subject to financing (if applicable), property inspection(s), and appraisal.

Do I get to have the property inspected if I'm the best bidder?

Yes, once the “Best Bid” is accepted and a sales contract is executed, the transaction process is no different from a traditional real estate sales transaction.


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Cherry Creek Home in Denver
Cherry Creek Home Auction - Location Map
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